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The Recorder News is a regular newsletter intended to update collectors about The Transferware Recorder and to look at other related transferware topics. It is free and normally published every two months.. If you would like to receive a copy on publication or would like to be added to our circulation list, please email recorder@transferprintedpottery.com. Previous issues can be accessed by clicking the appropriate cover below.

Issue One
June 2016
Issue Two
August 2016
Issue Three
October 2016
Issue Four
December 2016
Issue Five
February 2017
Issue Six
April 2017
Issue Seven
June 2017
Issue Eight
August 2017
Issue Nine
October 2017
Issue Ten
December 2017
Issue Eleven
February 2018
Issue Twelve
April 2018
Issue Thirteen
June 2018
Issue Fourteen
August 2018
Issue Fifteen
October 2018
Issue Sixteen
December 2018
Issue Seventeen
February 2019
Issue Eighteen
April 2019
Issue Nineteen
June 2019
Issue Twenty
August 2019
Issue Twenty-One
November 2019
Issue Twenty-Two
January 2020
Issue Twenty-Three
March 2020
Issue Twenty-Four
May 2020
Issue Twenty-Five
July 2020
Issue Twenty-Six
September 2020
Issue Twenty-Seven
November 2020
Issue Twenty-Eight
January 2021
Issue Twenty-Nine
March 2021
Issue Thirty
April 2021
Issue Thirty-One
June 2021
Issue Thirty-Two
August 2021
Issue Thirty-Three
October 2021
Issue Thirty-Four
January 2022
Issue Thirty-Five
March 2022
Issue Thirty-Six
June 2022
Issue Thirty-Seven
September 2022
Issue Thirty-Eight
November 2022
Issue Thirty-Nine
January 2023
Issue Forty
April 2023
Issue Forty-One
May 2023
Issue Forty-Two
July 2023
Issue Forty-Three
September 2023
Issue Forty-Four
November 2023
Issue Forty-Five
January 2024
Issue Forty-Six
March 2024
Issue Forty-Seven
May 2024
Issue Forty-Eight
July 2024
Issues 1 to 26

Potential contributions to The Transferware Recorder or the Recorder News would always be welcome. Please contact us.