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The Transferware Recorder
Volume Five  –  Selected Views of Europe
Volume Six – Selected British and Other Views

Two volumes just published and the first comment received was simply "WOW!". Subsequently:
“Two more wonderful Recorders. There cannot be anything else to compare with them for breadth of subject, second to none knowledge and sheer hard work”
“They look great, just as beautiful as their predecessors”
“You deserve the highest praise for your scholarship and dedication to blue and white transferware”
“Visual and educational feasts”
More general comments:
You are to be congratulated on a beautiful set of work! All the volumes are a wonderful research resource”
“I would like to say how much I appreciate the time, effort and knowledge that goes into publishing these books”

General comments:

“Books received, they're fabulous!”
“Your books are just the bees knees! Anyone who likes blue and white should have these!”
“Dick Henrywood's Transferware Recorders are so important to have in all of our libraries as they are so very complete, useful and helpful”
“I received the three Recorders and they are WONDERFUL !!! ... I now have the BEST reference books to drool over”
“Excellent series of books”
“Received books today. They are excellent!!! and will be great references in the future. You've done some exceptional work”
“I can't thank you enough for your research and publishing it all, to be shared by all”
“Transferware Recorder . . . If ANY of you collect transferware, any and ALL of [Dick Henrywood's] books are sure worth getting”
“I can wholeheartedly recommend The Transferware Recorder series, the images are generally very good and the supporting information excellent”

Recorder News

“Thank you for publishing the Recorder News which provides all of us information we never knew existed. It's always a treat for our eyes, and our libraries, when you present new views, rarely ever seen items, etc. Thank you for your dedication and research!”
“The most exciting thing that's happened in days”
“Great reading! You always come up with interesting, not to mention esoteric, content”

The Transferware Recorder
Volume Four  –  Selected Patterns from Literature

A formal review can be seen in the Newsletter of the Northern Ceramic Society (No.191, September 2018) which notes “It is difficult to imagine a more thorough job” and “This volume has something to interest almost every printed pottery enthusiast and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in ceramics” (but note that the review has a misprint, mentioning “over 200 illustrations“ whereas the correct figure is over 700) (to see the full review click here)

Another formal review can be seen in the Bulletin of the Transferware Collectors' Club (Vol.XIX, No.2, September 2018) which notes “His biggest effort to date, over 200 pages ... An excellent addition to the series” and “I cannot recommend this latest Recorder highly enough” (to see the full review click here)

Other comments received from readers include:

“It’s a masterpiece again! The images, the information and just the sheer number of objects is again so astounding and wonderful. It’s a joy to receive another book in the series”
“Beautifully illustrated and very well presented”
“Looks great.  Another fine edition to go with the other three – how splendid it would be to have an entire shelf of Recorders"
“Another essential reference book”
“Just like the first three – is marvelous!“
“A fascinating topic ... We all owe you a huge debt for undertaking such a well informed and useful study. It's a great looking and entirely pleasurable publication”
“The most intriguing yet. Lots of unusual series ... a good idea too to feature some individual patterns“
“An outstanding publication“
“I admire your range and depth of research. It is amazing how you keep up such a strong pursuit for elusive source prints and patterns in order to complete a series”
“Enjoying your Recorder 4 ... Your resources and references are amazing"

The Transferware Recorder
Volume Three  –  Selected British Views

A formal review can be seen in the Newsletter of the Northern Ceramic Society (No.185, March 2017) which notes "The successful formula adopted in the previous Recorders has been continued ... Transferware Recorder Number 3 can, like its predecessors be thoroughly recommended” (to see the full review click here)

Other comments received from readers include:

“Recorder No. 3 is your best yet”
“The book is great!”
“It’s absolutely wonderful”
“It looks absolutely splendid”
“Another wonderful addition”
“A very nicely produced volume”
“Very impressive and most useful”
“Another great production and reference that's sure to become a classic in the field”
“What a pleasure! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see the lengthy list of views for each series. I’m amazed by your extensive, and excellent, research. No one plumbs the depths quite like you do!”
“Well up to standard, future authors will be able to plagiarize it with the utmost confidence”
“Another outstanding success. The photos are worth the price alone, they are clear and so beautiful. It's great to see such varied forms again, not just plates and platters”

The Transferware Recorder
Volume Two  –  Selected British Views

A formal review can be seen in the Newsletter of the Northern Ceramic Society (No.180, December 2015) which notes “The Transferware Recorder Number 2 can be wholeheartedly recommended, both on its own account and also as part of what seems set to become a key series of works on British printed ceramics” (to see the full review click here)

Other comments from readers are equally encouraging:

“Staggeringly good. Excellent organization, photos, layout, source prints – everything. A great addition to the literature”
“A superb reference work”
“First Class”
“Looks like another success!”
“A terrific book”
“Such a valuable addition”
“It looks wonderful – another beautiful publication”
“What fantastic books they are”
“A world of collectors depend on you”

The Transferware Recorder
Volume One  –  Selected British Views

A formal review can be seen in the Newsletter of the Northern Ceramic Society (No.173, March 2014) which notes “ ... collectors will find it a delight ... the book encapsulates the charm of these wares ... further editions will be keenly awaited” (to see the full review click here)

The following comments have been received directly from readers:

“It looks fantastic!”
“It is totally absorbing”
“Excellent publication … attention to detail and concern for precision is reflected on all aspects. It is a pleasure to study and handle; the quality of finish does justice to the depth of research”
“What a fantastic book !!! It is amazing how much information you have managed to put into it - and exceptional images”
“A superb effort … everything that is needed, condensed, … eventually producing a library of known patterns. An amazing amount of info in a small space”
“It gets better each time I open it, so much reliable information”
“Absolutely superb, in both the concept and the execution”
“A marvellous book”
“Very well produced …  and the added research and design source images give it added potential”
“A First Class work of reference”
“So much good information and excellent photos, all at a reasonable price”
“... gorgeous ... beautifully produced, with a logically and clearly laid out text, crisp photos and corresponding engravings!”